As part of the Reformed Tradition, we Presbyterians believe in the priesthood of all believers.  This means that, in Jesus Christ, worship is the responsibility of everyone.  As people of God, we are not only called to salvation; we are also called to participate in the common ministry of worship.  By reason of God's calling, no one is excluded from participation or leadership in public worship.

At First Presbyterian Church, we recognize that some persons, by gifts and training, may be called by God to particular acts of leadership in worship.  Mindful of God's calling, we encourage our members, our deacons, and our elders with such abilities to assist in leading worship as liturgists.  Our liturgists lead the people of God in the call to worship, the prayer of confession, the assurance of pardon, the prayer for illumination, the public reading of God's Word, and occasionally proclaiming the Word of God.