God creates all persons as social creatures—it is our nature (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually) to live with one another.  We cannot inevitably exist without others—no matter how independent we may think we are or may hope to be.
God redeems all Christians as reconciled creatures—it is our nature (because it is Christ’s nature) to live in fellowship with God and with God’s people.  We cannot inevitably be right without God and without others—no matter how pious we may think we are or may hope to be.
It is our nature as human beings (created by God) and as Christians (redeemed by God) to abide with one another in community.  To have faith in Christ is to join the community of faithful followers whom Christ has called to Himself.  To be reconciled to God in Christ is to be reconciled also with other persons and to be drawn into community.
First Presbyterian Church of Richmond, Kentucky, is a community—a community of faith.  For this reason, the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church is fashioned to promote a sense of community.  It is an open and spacious place where no one is excluded or set apart.  It is a comfortable and inviting place where everyone is welcomed and embraced.